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9 Tips to for painting walls in your inherited home

Updated: Apr 28

lady and man painting walls

If you are hoping to receive top dollar for the home you inherited one of the most important things you can do is painting the walls to improve the look and feel of the house.

Many people make common mistakes when first painting and decorating. One of them is sacrificing on investing in quality tools and paint.

It may be a little more expensive, but the results are worth it, considering this could truly motivate buyers to want to purchase the home quickly.

In this article we will share some things you can do to make your walls look more attractive and draw the attention of future buyers.

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Now you need some paint.

cans and sample cards of paint

Never that simple though is it? Choosing paint can be a rather daunting procedure, just because of the amount of choices on the market.

The color and style will change the whole mood of the room, so it must fit in with the theme but also to the character of the house and the owner.

Even if it takes a long time to choose the right color, I advise to go for a high-quality paint with eggshell or semi-gloss for the best finish.

A great tip I have learned is to use flat and angled paint brushes, as they tend to apply paint more evenly. Make sure when purchasing your paint, you add in 10% extra for waste.

Paint the trim first

This is what the pros will always tell you. It just makes so much sense, and yet so many homeowners going at it alone decide not to listen to this advice and regret it straight away.

By painting the trim first, it doesn’t matter too much if you make mistakes, it can be corrected and covered up with ease. When the paint has dried you can then tape it up and have no worries about drops of paint going over your beautiful trim.

Simple and effective. Yes, it might sound crazy but it’s true.

Check the weather forecast

raining outside

Another tip, check the weather before painting inside. The truth is, the weather outside can really affect your paint job, practicality and time.

Wet and humid days will mean spending longer time watching paint dry. And you will need to open the windows while you are painting, for better ventilation.

Open windows and rain don’t match very well as I found out the hard way.


first by cleaning the surfaces, repair any defects and make sure radiators or other areas are covered and protected.

Then prime if need be, and this is the time to trim. If you have found any cracks by shining a bright light on the walls you can use caulk to fill in any of those gaps where needed.

Lastly, always paint the ceiling first to avoid drips and drops on your walls.

Use the roller to paint the walls and then you are well on your way to creating a beautiful home and attracting future home buyers.


I hope this have helped to give you some ideas when it comes to painting!

If you have any questions or concerns selling your inherited home then please reach out to me.

I will be glad to share with you more tips and advice to getting your home sold for top dollar and if it you just want to sell the house as is, we can discuss ways to get a quick cash offer on the home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Denise Harper Davis certified probate real estate agent

Denise Harper Davis

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Licensed Realtor


* NOTE: North Carolina Probate Solutions and the author of this article is not a licensed attorney or CPA. This post should not be considered legal or tax advice. Always consult an estate attorney or tax professional when needing legal answers and legal advice.

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